This is what I do. Let's see if we can work together.


Web Copy

Sometimes a visually strong website can be let down by poor quality copy. It’s a lot harder than you may imagine, writing about your business objectively, and that’s before you even begin checking the spelling and grammar. Seeing your business through someone else’s eyes can lead to a fresh and exciting approach in how you tell people about it. I don’t just rehash old copy or ‘Google’ your business. I talk to you in depth so I really understand what make you and your business tick – and then I put it into words; always staying on brand.

Media Kits

I work closely with businesses to help them present a new brand, logo, product or service to the world. Launching via a media kit is popular. This may include an e-brochure or micro-site, a press release, a company profile or special bio, information PDF or a brand identity profile. Parts of the kit can be ‘broken off’ and sent to a targeted client. Other parts may be of use for in-house teams for training, reference and brand consistency. The idea is that all your digital media copy is in one easy kit that you can use how you want, when you want. It can also be easily converted to print.

Brand Identity

Rebranding is becoming a bit of a niche speciality for me. I have worked on several re-brands now and have a good understanding of the re-branding process. I have even come up with a new company name before now. As a law graduate, I am familiar with Intellectual Property law, which can be useful when beginning a project from scratch. I have dealt with copyright infringement, trademark infringement, character merchandising and the Law of Passing Off, both in theory and in practice. I have the ability to get under the skin of a brand, understanding its core values and its philosophy and can work with the team to create a brand identity, focusing on components from their brand essence and tone of voice to their unique visual identity.

Brochure Copy

Many companies are happy with their website but feel they would like to produce a print brochure, especially if they are about to launch a new campaign, product or service. Digital media is great but sometimes there is no substitute for a great piece of printed literature to hold, breathe in and mull over in your own time. Slowing down for a moment and appreciating the effort that has gone into work such as this can only be a good thing. I help put all of that together, maintaining the brand consistency that runs through your digital platforms whilst targeting a specific audience in a specific way.

Marketing Literature

E-shots, leaflets, posters, newsletters, press releases, offer flyers and SMS promotional messages – whatever form your literature takes, I can find the words to match the occasion, even with restrictive word or character limitations. Just give me the brief.

Spelling & Grammar

I am a fully paid up member of the grammar police. I undertake general copy checking of in-house documents, proof reading everything from a one-line email to a whole brand campaign’s worth of marketing literature. I can also help put together those more difficult or sensitive communications that require a more formal approach.

Articles & Bios

I write just about anything for anyone. I have written many magazine articles from the best places to get married to profiling a diverse cross-section of businesses. I have written several profiles on industries I confess to knowing nothing about, such as construction projects and accountancy firms. I also write professional bios for websites, social media profiles such as LinkedIn or book covers. I actually  interview my clients so I really get to understand who they are, what they do and how they want to promote their services to the public. Interesting copy means new business potential.


Web content is based on a price per page including a ‘change and amend’ allowance and then additional charges per change to copy depending on scale of changes. OR Based on a price per hour, per week or per project – but never per word. We can decide together on the best approach for the work needed.

A rough guide to fees: £45 per hour / £250 per day / £135 per page.

Projects The most typical work I do is project based. This is a contracted and time-bound service agreement with a client who wants me to work on a site, a re-brand, or be part of an in-house team for a regular or specific length of time. Fees are  tailored around the nature of the project and the length of time it takes.

Commissioning articles, reviews and bios/profiles works on a price per word basis depending on what writing the article involves such as interviews, photographs, personal experience required or research and travel needed.

Retention Fees When a specific project is finished the client may wish to negotiate a retainer to keep my services on hand for minor projects, ongoing regular support or ad hoc help and advice. Retention fees are based on a monthly fixed cost and agreed with the client dependant on their needs. I have previously been retained on £100 a month up to £500 a month.